How to Get Rid of Sony Cameras Errors

Sony Camera Error E:61:00

Sony Camera Error E:61:00 appears on the cameras LCD screen frequently and after that you will not be able to focus or even zoom in or zoom out any image properly. Error E:61:00 mostly occurs when you eliminated the memory card from camera while snapping pictures, recording or performing any task. This troublesome error message may also occur if the camera was dropped or deal with some kind of collision while recording or formatting. To rectify this problem you can try and reset the camera settings to default or factory specifications. After this error whenever you try to zoom in any picture it will get pixelated along with blur and grainy background. Moreover, this error message will cause severe damage to your stored images and deleted or corrupt some of your images and folders. If Sony Camera Error E:61:00 doesn’t get resolved then, we recommend you to take help of a genuine third party tool .i.e Sony Photo Recovery Software. This software uses advanced technologies which will fix Sony Camera Error E:61:00 safely.

Sony Camera Error E:91:01

Sony Camera Error E:91:01 generally shows up in your camcorder or camera due to the flashing error. If you see Error E:91:01 in your display screen then it means that there’s a defect with your flash. Camera flash will not work properly even if you’ve selected the flash mode on, it will not blink. Sometimes, it will display different flash lights rather than the actual one. Therefore, In order to resolve this issue you can reset your camera to its original specifications or default settings. These types of issues will surely damage or corrupt your important recording and images to large extent. Well, if you have experienced this grievous incidences and wants to recover all your fun loving and precious photos then, it is suggested that you should select a dependable third party recovery tool .i.e Sony Photo Recovery Software. This recovery tool is very sophisticated and eminent that will rectify Sony Camera Error E:91:01 issue effectively. This utility tool is also adaptable with various types of memory cards such as SD card, SDHC, mini SD, MicroSD.

Sony Memory Stick Error: C:13:01

Nowadays, there have been many reports about Sony Memory Stick Error:C:13:01 and its very common in Sony’s digital cameras. This error usually occurs when the recording media or Memory stick that you’re using is not supported by the camcorder or the media has some issues. You have to make sure that the memory stick has been inserted in the right position and it doesn’t have any internal defects or virus infection. This error may also cause if the memory stick has rough sectors, broken or scratches on it. This error is very irritating as it goes away and everything looks fine but after a while it reappears again. Besides this, you might lose all your saved images and videos, which will hurt you very badly as pictures means a lot in anyone’s life because we can recall our beautiful moments any point of time Well, you can do couple of things to fix Sony Memory Stick Error:C:13:01 manually such formatting the memory stick or try to reinsert memory card in right way. If still the problem doesn’t go away then we advice you to take help of a reputed third party software .i.e Sony Photo Recovery Software. This utility has the capability to fix Sony Memory Stick Error:C:13:01 within few clicks. It will also restore deleted and lost without any hassle.

Sony camera Error Code 0x5b

Sony camera Error Code 0x5b is a troublesome error message, if you see this error code on your cameras display screen then it means that there have been some issue occurred with camera’s aperture programming. Sometimes, this error will pop up as a text message which is written as camera error code 0x58. But, don’t get confused by these errors messages as both are same. After this error message, your camera will shut down abruptly and then it will block you from snapping pictures. However, you can try out few things and see if the problem gets fixed or not like change the camera lens or switch power on and off button two to three times. If Sony camera Error Code 0x5b still appears on your screen then it can be dreadful circumstance because you may lose all your cherished and fun loving moments. Well, nobody wants to lose their precious photos, as it reminds us of our good old days. Therefore, in order to restore those lost, deleted or inaccessible images we recommended you to opt for a suitable and robust third party tool .i.e Sony Photo Recovery Software. this software is designed by many experienced and highly qualified experts by using innovative techniques. Sony Photo Recovery Software is also compatible with all the versions of Mac and Windows operating system.

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