Complete Guidelines For Sony Photo Recovery

Sony is a well known and trusted brand which makes electronic goods. Many of the people use mobiles, camera, memory card and other gadgets manufactured by it. These devices are very designed and developed so it does not often bother the user due to malfunctioning or any other reasons. However at some point of time few user have reported that they have lost some data that was stored in the device. It is quit a common phenomenon and can occur to any user with any of the gadget he is using. If you are in the same situation where your favorite photos or videos are lost or not opening then don’t lose hope yet. There is still chance that you can get them back from the Sony mobile, digital camera or camcorder. Which ever device you are using it is basically the memory card that is inserted within device and stores the data for you. So the fact is and loss of data occurs from the storage space and whatever recovery will be performed on the memory card or stick. But the storage medium does not solely bear the responsibility of data loss so you must know the reason of it to prevent in the future.

Causes of Data Loss From Sony Devices

Accidentally Deleting Files – The user mistake is the most common reason why the photos or videos are lost. This happens quite often when the photos are browsed on the device and the user clicks on the delete button. He may also skip the confirmation message which results in to permanent deletion. If the files been deleted then stop using the device till the recovery is done to ensure complete

Interruption in capturing and transferring – When you are capturing an image , recording the video and suddenly the camera shuts down then the process doesn’t get completed and the file being saved remains corrupted. Same is the case when there is not enough space in the memory card. If you are trying to transfer the file to some other storage media and it is stopped in between then also the files may get damaged or completely vanish from both the source and the target.

Random Device error – There are various types of error that can be encountered by the user. Some of them are related to the device that are due to the software as well as hardware. They needs to be rectified if you want the device to be functional again by resetting all the settings and preferences. If the error is due to the memory card then you will have to format it. In both cases the file will be lost and recovery from the Sony device will be required.

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Best Solution for Sony Photo Recovery

When you have rectified the problem then you must be wanting to recover the data which can be done with any backup available. But if you do not have the backup then you require the Sony photo recovery software. It is an effective tool that any regular computer user can operate and get his data back within minutes. So you must download the software which is available in free as well as paid version. Therefore, Sony Photo Recovery Software is ultimate solution to recover lost, deleted or even severely damaged pictures from Sony devices.

Guide To Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Sony Cyber-shot

Have you lost your photos from your Sony Cyber Shot camera? Are you seeking for Sony Photo Recovery? Not to worry, read our post and you will get fully verified steps that helps you to recover deleted/lost photos from Sony Cyber-shot. If you have any problem then give your feedback on the comment box.


Known facts about Sony Cyber Shot

Sony Cyber-shot is a Sony’s very popular line of point-and-shoot digital cameras. Cyber Shot models be also known as DSC which stands for “Digital Still Camera”. Many of the models of Cyber Shot uses Carl Zeiss optics lenses. Almost all of the Sony Cyber Shot model cameras uses a Memory Pro Duo Flash memory or Memory Stick. Some of the selected models also support CompactFlash. Sony Cyber Shot camera is a lovely camera that is loved by everyone to have it their own.

With the Sony’s Cyber Shot you can click detailed pack highly zoomed images, more brighter and clearer pictures but sometimes due to some of the reasons we lost our memorable moments that we captured on our cameras. These are happens because some of the things like accidental damage, corrupt of memory cards, accidentally format of storage cards and so on. But there is nothing to worry about to recover deleted /lost photos from Sony Cyber-shot cameras. Here we suggest some of the best restore methods that really help you to recover your valuable pictures.

User Guide

User Guide For Windows

Step 1 :- Download and install the Windows version of the software in your Pc and then launch it from the icon on desktop.

step1Step 2 :- You should now start the scanning by clicking in the “Scan now“ button. You can also click on the “Advance Scan button if you want.


Step 3 :-Choose the drive from where the data was lost, it will be displayed in the list of connected drives.


Step 4 :- Select the desired file you want to recover.

win4.Step 5 :- Here you can monitor scanning progress. When the scanning is complete you get the complete list of files where you can have preview of it. You can select the files you need to recover.


Step 6 :- Now you can preview all recoverable files.


Step 6 :- Provide the location where the files will be restored and it will be done.

User Guide For Mac OS X

Step 1 :- Launch the downloaded Mac photo recovery software and click on the “Recover Photo, Audio and Video ” button to start the process.


Step 2 :- You are provided with the list of drives connected, choose the drive that needs scanning then after you can opt to Advance scan if required.


Step 3 :- In the Advance scan you can select the file format of the photo, audio or video file and then start the scan.


Step 4 :- The scanning will on and the time taken will depend on the size of the drive.


Step 5 :- You are now able to see the preview of the found files and select the files that has to be recovered.


Step 6 :– Now the files will be restored at the location you have provided.


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